Vanessa Randazzo – (Alto)
Bent Pitch Co-Founder
San Jose, California was turned upside down when 5-year old Vanessa Randazzo, incredibly shy and virtually attached at the hip to her mom, decided to follow in her sister’s footsteps and join a summer vocal camp. The moment she stepped on stage, she was hooked! Vanessa’s vocal experience over the years includes private lessons, solo and ensemble competitions, festivals, A LOT of musical theater, and a jazz choir that granted her the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall. When not Bent Pitch-ing, Vanessa enjoys soaking up the San Diego life with her husband and daughter, who of course are two of BP’s biggest fans!
Lea Magro – (Soprano)
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Kris Celario – (Soprano/Percussion)
Kris has a variety of performance experience – she’s played clarinet in concert bands, sung in choirs, and acted in plays and musicals, just to name some of it. But then in college, without fully realizing what exactly she was getting herself into, she helped found the UCSD Daughters of Triton and discovered that a cappella is really where her heart is. After a several-year hiatus from performing, she joined Bent Pitch in early 2012, and she’s been happily with us ever since! When she’s not singing or working at her day job, she can be found knitting, reading, playing board and card games, camping, or… well, the list goes on… and on… and on.
Cassandra Ruffo – (Alto)
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Allen Hopkins – (Bass)
Allen is the latest addition to Bent Pitch as of 2015 and his voice provides a bass that makes people think there is an earthquake happening. This is his first time being part of an A Capella group. When you hear him, you will think “Why is he not a jazz singer?” Allen is also an actor with hopes of creating his own cartoon show and becoming a future lord of the Sith in the “Star Wars” movie franchise. Name almost any famous animated character and he can he can impersonate them.
Matt Hemler – (Baritone/Tenor/Percussion)
Matt was one of the first people to join Bent Pitch after the founding trio decided to expand to a larger SATB group, and has been with the group for over three years. He sings baritone, and does his best to cover whatever parts are most needed in a song. He’s also one of the group’s vocal percussionists. Music is a very important part of Matt’s life, and he has sung in various choirs and small ensembles since grade school. He has a special passion for a cappella, and is always brainstorming weird new mashup ideas.
Vander Turner – (Tenor/Percussion)
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Vander is a born and raised San Diego, California man. A graduate of the University of California San Diego’s Theatre & Dance Department, Vander lives for performance. As a singer, dancer, actor, writer, and minor musician, Vander particularly loves singing over all. After finally coming to his senses in high school and discovering the entirety of his theatrical side, Vander proceeded to play a long laundry list of musicals, plays, and performance pieces he does not wish to bore you with. Inspired by all kinds of music, he is drawn mostly to Top 40, Hip Hop/R&B, Classic Rock, and Broadway Musical styles. While Halloween will always be his favorite time of the year, using his Tenor voice to spread Joy with some kick ass a capella throughout the year just makes life that much sweeter!
Bob Gordon – (Tenor/Percussion)
Hi, I’m Bob. I sing Tenor/Percussion in Bent Pitch. I was born in New Jersey. I started singing in highschool choir, and then I joined a wedding band a few years later. I sang with that band in Philadelphia for about 5 years before heading to San Diego. Now I sing with Bent Pitch. It’s very fun. You should come listen to us.